Beheading of an Innocent Boy

Jeez, I couldn’t fucking do it. I couldn’t finish the video. It was too fucking crazy @ the end. They are screaming, “Allah HuAkbar, Allah HuAkbar” at the end as they attempt to pull the innocent man’s head apart from his body. Typically that is said as an animal is sacrificed in the name of Allah & the animal is killed for the sole purpose of EATING & not to fucking punish. God is the punisher, not those cowards wearing masks.

They have brought too much shame to Islam. If I had any disbeliefs of the bastardly people out there, I am a full believer after these last couple weeks. After seeing the images of abuse in the prison and now this video, I don’t know what could be coming next.

We can’t continue fighting fire with fire. The hate is two sided and too much blood is flowing for all the wrong reasons. Until we “civilized” people lay down our weapons, there will never be peace because those people are absolutely crazy. When will these arrogant bastards realize that they are only hurting the people! If it is this bad in 2004, I would hate to be alive 10 years from now.