Training Wheels of Fortune – Start thinking, not silly starting hand charts

“Nothing is more desirable than
to be released from an affliction,
but nothing is more frightening
than to be divested of a crutch.”
— James Baldwin

Suppose playing Texas Holdem you are under the gun with a marginal hand like KJo. What should you do? Some learning players would immediately consult their starting hand charts, either literally or in their memory, and then decide what action to take. Unfortunately, rigid adherence to artificial charts is the root of ruin of many people who might otherwise become quite good poker players. A lot of these players may in fact become winning players, especially in rake games where the house takes its cut from the pot rather than equally from each player, but I suggest most players relying on starting hand charts are either doomed to never be much good at poker, or will end up as merely mediocre.