I CANNOT comprend how you are my friend Moe. I think I cried last night because the T-Wolves lost. No, not because Minnasota is my favorite team, its mainly because I fuckin HATE the lakers.

I hope one day I will be walking down the street with a dozen bricks and it just so happens that Dick Fox, Kobe Bry’can’t’, dumb Derrek Fisher, RETARDED (literally) Shaq, lame-ass Devin George, Karl "I’m too old (look at the grey hairs on my gotee) to play basketball so I just bully everyone" Malone, Gary "I suck" Payton, and Kareem "I will never be the most famous Kareem in basketball" Rush all walk by so I can throw those bricks at their knees. Yeah, of course you win basketball games when you buy players. Duh.