Ching Chong Chan

Well … I decided to call my friend Jen over for this one. So Moe tells me that our beloved friend James was on North Shore monday night. As I watched, for the plot of course, lo and behold I SAW HIM!!!

First it brought me back to see the good old Pipeline Cafe was a popular spot. I did notice however that things were odd. Never once in my life, when I had gone to the Pipeline Cafe so many years ago for $2 well drinks every tuesday for two months did I see so many Caucasian people. Bottom line, every knows that North Shore is a crock. Its just fun to watch TV portray Hawaii they way they do. I mean, come on … there are NO HAWAIIAN people on the show. Now I’m not just talking like native Hawaiians, I mean the people that freakin live there. Its just so fun to see how distorted it all is. Well of course until last night. MY GOD!!! Moe you should have been there. Jen and I were rollin on the ground. I’m gonna get her to come over tonight with her digital so we can take a picture of it. Then I can post the picture tomorrow. So classic James. He looked oh soooo … DORKY as usual. He had this goofy look on his face, bobbin his head up and down. Ahhhh. I’m sure to the ladies he looked FREAKIN HOOOOT!!! But to Jen and I … we just wondered where his rickshaw was.