From the SF Gate.

Hollywood beauty Kirsten Dunst has dumped her movie hunk boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal, blaming “filming commitments.”
“Spider-Man” actress Dunst and “The Day After Tomorrow” actor Gyllenhaal had been an item for two years before the surprise split two weeks ago.

Since they began dating both Dunst and Gyllenhaal have become internationally famous, and Dunst’s role in the “Spider-Man” movies has made her one of the most recognizable actresses in the world.

An insider says, “Kirsten and Jake had been spending a lot of time apart because they both had filming commitments.
“But Jake was totally besotted with her and is devastated that she has broken up with him.
“Kirsten’s career has sky rocketed. She’s one of the hottest young actresses in Hollywood right now.
“She felt her relationship with Jake was emotionally draining and she couldn’t cope with it on top of her work. It’s very sad for Jake. He is really heartbroken.”

Poor guy.