The James Chan…his television debut!

Ho’ brah?  Wha’s goin on ova thurr?
Is that his girlfriend by his side? Don’t worry ladies, it’s just the show.

The light actually focusing on him!
One more time we get to see the full James Chan…yes ladies, wipe that drool…

Look of concern for Gabriel
…and he watches as Gabriel is forcefully escorted out of Pipelines.

Be sure to tune in to the next episode of North Shore guest starring Shooter “I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast” McGavin as Nicole’s father…The James Chan will also be making a cameo appearance on that episode too!

UPDATE!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to the Thai Princess for pointing out another scene that The James Chan cameos!!!

Can You Feel The Beat?
Look at that sexy smile ladies! …..makes you wanna go ‘hee hee…giggle giggle’

Move Your Body!
A blatant attempt to get more airtime…so cool, like that supposed secret service chump.