'We Have Some Planes'

As I read Chapter 12, I’m very pleased with some aspects of our approach in how the committee recommends beefing up education in poorer nations & providing heavy aid to broken down economies. But, at the same time, other suggestions by the committee involve tremendous amounts of military violence & that is what frightens me most, my friends. We cannot go into nations and simply cripple them to the point where their kids begin to hate the freedom and capitalism we so much enjoy. As Tagore referred to in his East & West essay,

“It is true that they are not yet showing any real sign of meeting [referring to the East & West]. But the reason is because the West has not sent out its humanity to meet the man in the East, but only its machine.”

We should use the Palestine & Israel situation as a small scale example of what happens when hate & violence is the answer to hate & violence. What happens? Well, 50+ years later, we’re at a point where one nation figures building a concrete wall will solve the problem. Seriously.

The military succeeds to only delay us from reaching our goals for peace. We do not help anyone by dropping 1000lb bombs on the most productive parts of already crippled cities—we simply reverse time and create fertile grounds for terrorism to grow & flourish. Rather than our missiles destroying terrorism, they simply serve as seeds for terror. The fruits of this terror are none other than disgruntled suicide bombers & insane individuals who chop the heads of the innocent. Try to understand this very simple concept. I think it was Nietzsche who said, “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster.” In short, we’re walking a dangerous path.

On the other hand, there are also positive suggestions by the committee. As the report implies, it is necessary for the America & other rich nations to fund schools in Pakistan & other poor nations, so thousands of kids who attend Madarsas (religious schools) today do not have to send their own kids to those same Madarsas tomorrow. Religious schooling should be complimentary to normal education that involve the maths and sciences—not the only option for a given population.

Let’s face it, no kid in his right mind is going to hate his neighbor if the same neighbor feeds him when he’s hungry and gives him clean water to drink when he’s thirsty. Our human mind simply will not allow it! All in all, we must lift the wellbeing of economically crippled nations, as the report says. Once the people being helped realize they are being help w/ peaceful intentions, there will be no reason left in the world for any individual to resort to extremism. We must look inside our own peaceful society and see what makes America a safe place to live and it is there where our answer will lie.