Passion or Protocol?

In a small series that no one will read (most probably because it lacks spicy celebs and hot, sexy gossip about fobby porn stars), I’ll portray a darker side of life. A side of life that we tend to not bother with until it’s far too late & as you all well know, when it’s too late, it’s simply too late, baby! It has to do with what plagues me day in & day out: personal hypocrisy being one & the process of ‘moving-on’ (I know there’s another word I should use here) being another. Hypocrisy is something I feel that most can relate to, yet no one probably wants to read about only because it will make them look too far inside than desirable. So with that, lets move on to the next topic. I think ‘moving the hell on with life’ will be of interest to 3 or 4 of you people who are completely bored out of your mind or of course, in a similar position in life.

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That was one deep conversation with yourself. Thanks for sharing... Now that it's a couple of years later I feel you should write an update to this..If you have already done so I guess I will find it sooner or later... Sure beats a crotch shot of paris hilton any day of the week....=)