The Bastardly: P Diddy Gets Played!

Puff Daddy
All brothas are standing tall & proud today. Not because Puff is payin’ child support like millions of other brothas, but because Puffy is officially paying the highest amount of child support in the richest country on planet Earth! Dude, think of how many more hot women will be dying to sleep with Puff now that he sports the Child Support Crown. Go Puff!

What exactly does he have to pay? A cool $35,000 a month, my friends.

The ruling is based on Combs’ yearly income of almost $50 million dollars. Additionally, Combs must pay more than $398,000 in retroactive support and all medical, dental and educational expenses for Justin.

Like any other rich, greedy bastard out there, Puffy is no exception. Even though he’s rakin’ in a comfortable $50mil a year, he wants to save a few pennies.

Combs’ lawyer labeled the decision a “gross abuse of discretion by the court,” and vowed to appeal the case.

Last month Combs spoke about Brim and questioned her motivations for requesting an increase in her child support. [via All Hip Hop]

Haha. I admit, $35k is a little more than a tip-top fashion stylist, Misa Brim, will need to raise little Justin. Then again, what if Justy wants to hit up Disney World in Europe or wants to surprise mommy with diamonds every month? You’re gonna need a little more than $35k for that, judge. I say negotiate a little with Puff by settling on $50k only if Puff will never wear one of those annoying XXXXX-large “VOTE OR DIE” T-shirts.

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jazzy j
jazzy j

He is the king and always will be.


I would love to ask P.Diddy A few questions about Steve Gassman. I also am using him and am being royally screwed. It is also A very very large case.

Thank You, Gail