Calling all intelligent, witty, and lets just face it, dirrrrty minds out there!

Now that the first design for has hit the market … I’m already thinking of plans for our next Bastardly shirt. I think its a full proof plan to get everyone involved and participating … since without you lovely audience members out there in the land of the world wide web, (yes this also includes Steve, the bastard I’ve never met and HATE with every inch of my body, which by the way his penis will never even come close to … I would like to keep the void between us farther than it already is … maybe you should move to one of your like ten houses in other countries that you brag about owning since you are waaaay too superior for us lesser folk) we wouldn’t have Bastardly to begin with.

The humble beginnings of Bastardly was founded upon the basis of … lets just talk shit to each other and still keep in touch since we all live so far apart. In the early days … Yes Moe did have a section where he had certain quotes from people we knew in the corner and I would seriously laugh my ass off reading them. So then I thought to myself … Why don’t we feature a really good quote from our readers? Maybe have a series of shirts that have those thought provoking quotes … It makes the shirt more Bastardly … if you know what I mean.

So come one come all … to the battle of the quotes!!! Let the games begin!! Don’t be afraid to leave a comment … cause hey … It might make you famous!!