Gwen Stefani's Japanese Pets: Love, Angel, Music & Baby

Gwen Stefani
I just saw the video & interview. Duuuude! Gwen should drop the solo act and head to the beach to get a nice, natural tan.

This must be massive marketing stunt on the backs of these poor Japanese chicks (referred to as “Harajuku Girls” b/c they hang out by Tokyo’s Harajuku bridge). Whatevs on the album that, by the way, is set to release on Nov.23. We want to know more about these heavily made up servants that are pretty much stuck to the self-absorbed Gwen Stefani’s ass.

I’ve scoured the net for info, but nothing. I assume something will eventually leak as these chicks get around the rich & famous penis circuit (that is, if Mistress Stefani allows them to step out the door). Plus, these chicks must be getting paid (probably illegally, a la Hiromi Oshima [per Steve]), so let’s see what happens once the album releases. All I know is that Gwen has named her human pets Love, Angel, Music & Baby, but I don’t know who is is who?! Lastly, in an interview with Elle Girl, Gwen reveals the following:

The Harajuku scene is basically something that has been really inspiring to me. If you can say that an area is a muse, then Harajuku is mine for sure. I have always been a writer from the heart. I could never sit down with a subject and write a song about it. It’s more like ‘My heart just got killed, I’m gonna write a song about it!’ Or ‘I’m so in love, I’m gonna write a song about it!’ I wanted to be a creative writer though, and that was one of the challenges with this record. I was trying to write and I just started thinking about going to Japan and how it’s been inspiring me for years. I don’t want to say too much about the Harajuku girls because people should find out about them and see it for themselves. [Elle Girl]

Thanks for nothing, Gwen. Anyway, don’t you guys think these girls are being used as props? I want to see their H-1 Visas, damn it!!

Watch the video & interview @ Netscape Music.