Hiromi Oshima's Modeling Society Interview

Hiromi seem to have found a formula that delivers unparalleled success in modeling and commercial industry. Her trip to USA was not suppose to become American dream came true. It was just a simple trip to Miami Florida from Mexico to see a dentist and not to become one of the most sought models in modeling industry. We here at Modeling Society are happy to share a few moments with Hiromi and see if she is as oozing as her looks show.

1- Do you consider yourself an Exotic beauty?

I never really thought much of my visual appearance. The inner beauty has always been more important, now that I see myself in covers of a magazine and calendars … I should maybe change my way of thinking.

2- We understand that your life has changed very much lately, Tell us about it.

Yes, I have never seen myself the way I see it today. Just a few months ago I was told that I am beautiful and I should look into modeling. Back home in Japan people think I’m too big to be a model. My mind has changed since I met a Playboy photographer in Miami. Now I can be seen on the latest cover of Playboy’s Exotic Beauties and several other Playboy layouts as well. You can also find me on the cover of Playboy calendar 2004. Log on Playboy.com where you can purchase a copy and keep me for whole next year in your room!

3- What’s the buzz about the BIG plans in future and that you have your own line of lingerie coming out really soon?

Yes, I have a contract as lingerie model for a high end Parigi lingerie company and I’m also introducing a line of lingerie on my own sometime in future. I cannot reveal everything at this moment, but I guarantee you that I was not meant for small time surprises.

4- You seem to be in great shape … Share some of that secret formula how can we all look the way you do. What’s your favorite form of exercise for example?

Abs. I’m dreaming to have a six-pack … And I go to the gym as often I can.

5- What food is an absolute diet “no-no,” but you can’t live without?

Ice cream. It’s best friend of mine.

6- What do you think about South Beach and Miami?

Good example of melting pot. My skin fits Latin culture and atmosphere, but here’s more sophisticated.

7- What’s your idea of Heaven?

Flower, happy.

8- What’s your idea of Hell?


9- Give a phrase that describes your ideal best friend?

Smart, sincere, and matured.

10- What’s more important in a guy – understanding friend or great lover?

A great understanding lover.

11- Which guy would you go out with first – quiet and sensitive artistic or bad ass who has to be in control?

Bad ass first. I prefer to have peace and quiet time after being frustrated.

12- What’s your idea of GOD?

God is good.

13- Your favorite vacation spot?

Hawaii and Playa del Carmen in Mexico. Anywhere with beautiful beach.

14- Your favorite piece of jewelry and why (who gave it to you?)?

A platinum ring, which my mom gave to me when I was eighteen. It’s simple and plain and go with any cloth or fashion.

15- If some guy who normally wouldn’t have a chance in the world with you wanted to be noticed by you what would he have to do? What gift would turn your thoughts?

He has to take me all over the world, Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania… everywhere. I’m questioning to stay and spend time with him for that long time though. Private jet for that trip would be a great gift. I (we?) don’t have to wait the flights. Sounds like I’m very expensive girl, but I’ve never asked the expensive presents to my boyfriend in reality.

16- Do you believe in aliens?

Not really.

17- Do you believe in reincarnation, life after death?

Yes, big time. Or maybe I just wish so.

18- Would you rather own a fabulous car or travel?

Travel. I think to travel and feel or learn something is much more worthy than materialism.

19- Do you go to the beach?

Yes, I go to the nude beach almost every weekend.

20- How do you view sex?


21- How do you view lust?

Lust can be found in many forms.

22- How do you view lesbianism/homosexuality/bisexuality?

It’s a free world.

23- Would you ever have sex with more than one person/group sex?

Nope, I think sex is a love between lovers.

24- Do you think to make it in the world of modeling eventually a model has to perform a sexual act?

I don’ think so.

25- Favorite food? Malibu salad in Next cafe/Located in South Beach, Miami. You gotta go there and try it out.

26- Favorite music?

All kinds of good music. Hip hop, house, dance, punk, R&B and pop.

27- Favorite musician?

Lauren Hill

28- Favorite song?

Your song by Elton John

29- Favorite actor?

Johnny Depp

30- Favorite actress?

Halle Berry

31- Best movie of all time?

JFK and Chicago

32- Best movie you’ve seen so far this year?

City of God or Finding Nimo

33- Which actor would you secretly like to sleep with at least just once?

George Clooney. I think he’s very sexy.

34- What’s the most expensive gift you’ve ever given someone?

A game machine, Sega, Dream Cast.

35- Do you use your sexuality as a weapon in a relationship?

If I’m playing a game or just flirting, I would do it. But in reality, I don’t.

36- What’s your view on abortion?

Abortion isn’t a birth control pill.

37- Do you believe in sex before marriage?


38- Would you want your children to know you modeled nude and if so, at what age would you feel it is appropriate to show them your photos and/or movie(s)?

Yes, at the age they grow up enough, I’d tell them and show my photos.

39- Daytime or Nighttime?

Daytime. I’m not a morning person, but I always try to be. I like enjoying the sun, it gives me energy.

40- Tokyo or New York?

New York. Both are very big city and similar. I like big city, the place you can get anything and have crazy party, and people are fashionable. I like Tokyo of course, I lived in Tokyo for 22 years. Isn’t it enough?

41- Do you wear any underwear right now? And what kind?

Yes. Bra and pretty cotton thong. I wear the bra most of times to keep that shape.

42- Do you sleep nude?

Yes. When I feel sexy or tease a guy.

43- Your worst fault you’d like to correct?

I pushed a nurse call button in hospital bathroom by mistake. I thought it was something else. Right after I realized that mistake, I just ran out.

44- Describe your perfect kiss.

A tender sweet soft kiss, which I feel my heart leaping up.

45- What do you think of the internet?

Great invention

46- Can you live without a cell phone?

Yes. It’s easy to me, my phone don’t ring much usually…

47- What does family mean to you?

Everything. Great support for living.

48- Your idea of absolute truth?

Honesty is everything.

49- Your idea of a dream comes true?

Dream wouldn’t come true without any effort. And need luck definitely.

50- Blonde or Brunette boy?

Doesn’t matter to me.

51- Have you met Mr. Hugh Hefner?

Yes, I have. He’s a real gentleman.

Original Interview posted on the Modeling Society website.