Confirmed: Naomi’s Newest Bitch Is Usher

Usher looks so happy!

Ush has apparently been ridin’ the boney rollercoaster for 3 months, already! That’s longer than some of her abused assistant slaves have lasted, so props to Ush for taking the weekly beatings from the over-exposed super model & ex-crack addict.

Naomi is a beautiful woman and I like her a lot. It’s too early to talk about love because for that you need time but we have a real special relationship. [This is London]

It sounds like Usher wants to just sleep with her, but in this next quote, Usher gets all poetic & cheesy…

It was like I was hit by a lightning bolt – the next night I asked her out. It was great to have her striding towards me with that walk of hers and ending up in my arms.

He can’t be serious.

May God have mercy on Usher.

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