Kobe “Hurt” Over Malone’s Comments

I can’t blame Malone for his innocent comment below. She’s hot! [ESPN]

[KOBE]: He was like a mentor, like a brother to me, so when something like that happens, you’re upset, you’re hurt.

Puhhleeease! Kobe is being such a bitch these days. He cheated with a housekeeper & now he has to spend the next few years kissing ass! Truly sad, I tell you. Vanessa could make Kobes bark like a dog if she wanted to.

Exactly how did these harmless exchanges between Vanessa & Malone go? Well, let’s run through it for everyone.

One such incident was at a game. Karl was sitting in one place and Vanessa sitting in another. Vanessa hits up Karl on his cell upon his wifie’s request and the drama unfolds…

[Karl on his cell]: Why don’t you come over here and sit next to me and give me a big hug?

[Vanessa’s response]: Why? For what?

[Karl’s witty line]: If you do that it will be on the cover of every magazine in the country.

What’s a brotha to do when a beautiful woman calls him on his cell?! He was shown the cake, so he naturally tried to take a bite. Way to go Karl!

Another incident took place at Kobe’s residence, I believe.

[Vanessa Bryant, upon seeing Malone in Cowboy hat & boots]: Hey, cowboy, what are you hunting?

[Vanessa Bryant—just asking for a witty comment]: Hey, cowboy, what are you hunting?

[Malone’s harmless comment]: I’m hunting for little Mexican girls.

Hahahaha. Classic! ‘Little Mexican girls!’ Dude, we gotta hand it to Malone for trying. Odds were pretty good that she would take off her clothes right after that comment and partake in ghetto-South-East-LA sex…

1. Vanessa is pretty damn hot
2. Her husband admitted to having sex with some cheap whore
3. Kobe embarrased her on national TV
4. Vanessa might want to embarrass Kobe on national TV, as well, by sleeping with his teammate (a la Anna Benson)
5. Vanessa’s of Latino origin and she’s damn hot
6. Karl’s pretty rich and can buy Vanessa expensive shit
7. Vanessa’s smart enough to have both her hands in two separate cookie jars at the same time

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send the bastard back to italy where he can have sex with all their beautiful women and oh yeah, play some ball on the side.

Rome Dawg
Rome Dawg

totally agree with that...Trade him to Toronto...get him off of American soil...Please Canada, take Kobe out of our hands...but you can keep the wifey at home...


Once again, Basketball players are STUPID!!

What could compell the guy to go on a radio show and say what he said?! There's no reason for it apart from being stupid. I think Shaq might be right about Kobe. He's a dumbass Drama Queen. Lakers MUST trade the bastard. I don't care how many points he's scoring.


The real question is "Why do we know so much about it?"

Did Kobe want to paint himself as the good guy here? You earn no PR points for being a rat and you alienate other teammates who won't like hanging around you now.

Did he just want more press? His wife will now be a part of talk show jokes for months

Did he want to expose Karl Malone as a bad guy? Its not like Karl Malone has the best public image to begin with.


karl is a dirty dirty man...but i'd like to go hunt little mexican girls with him...

vanessa is frickin hot.


she's not stupid she is in it for the cash.....