Sweetest Ass “Conference”

Ms Desert Sun

Straight from their schedule of events:

Arrival - You will be met at Phoenix Sky Harbor International�s baggage claim area by pre-arranged transportation and driven in a comfortable vehicle to the James Hotel�s impressive entry court. The models will greet you with a lei and a tropical beverage as the bellmen and front desk breeze you through check in. You may then join other attendees at the �J� bar or poolside for complimentary cocktails or retire to your room to rest up for the evening reception and cocktail party.

6:00 pm – Follow 75 models to the poolside cocktail reception. Relax and chat with the girls. Our Hosts will say a few words while you eat and work up a complimentary buzz.

8:00 pm – The evening�s final destination will be announced and the group will venture to valet and board transportation to the special event.

After Hours - What happens in Scottsdale, stays in Scottsdale.

Conference my ass! Talk about fucking scandalous!!

So what exactly is this Ms. Desert Sun thing? Well, on the site, it’s tagged as the “Ultimate weekend forum for internet traffic & marketing professionals.” So that basically covers your run-of-the-mill spammers & 90% of all nerdy webmasters out there. Lucky bastards!

For all of you who just clicked over to the site, you probably just found out this babefest (more like milfish strippers) of a conference is not free (yes, damn capitalism!). Then again, they give a $200 discount to those who register early, so I’m sure it wouldn’t be so bad considering the entire thing revolves around a bikini contest & puckering up with hot chicks all weekend, right?

Very Shady Operation!

Yes, shady in that I feel this conference is merely a front for either a huge, undercover whorehouse or one big bachelor party. I just can’t see it being a place where I’d exchange biz cards with another geek who you know has dirty thoughts floating around in his head. It’s more of a place where you’re trying to figure out who you want to sleep with now that the wifie is not around. We live in a super scandalous society, so everything’s game, baby!

Now, let’s check out some photos from previous events. I swear, these chicks are all strippers! It’s so damn obvious.

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Awww ... I promise to start writing again soon when I get some inspiration.


haha. I'm sorry.

Tinuviel: Well, Melissa was suppose to write some positive posts, but she has been busy earning the bucks & planning exotic trips around the world. Damn her. Anyway, Jackson & I will bring some nostalgic posts back into the mix. I got a 'Bionic Woman' post comin' up! God, I loved that show!

Mary: Serious? You might have to consider entering their bikini contest. $10000 was the top prize! I think Jackson will consider changing careers for a couple weeks so he can hit up the conference in '05.


You know, I really gotta stop reading your site because everything I read just makes me mad :P


the James Hotel is hot. I work like 10 yards from it FAISAL.