Amy Cobb Likes To Surf Naked

Amy Cobb Surfer

You can find Amy in this month’s Maxim. I have to admit, there’s something about girls who surf that’s just sexy. I’m serious. I wouldn’t mind an average looking chick who surfs than a super hot chick who does nothing. Ok-ok, I said that only for effect.

In the issue, Maxim quotes her saying:

I’ve surfed topless. It’s funny…I can feel my boobs moving around. -[Amy Cobb. Maxim, Feb, 2005]

How lame is that? I think Maxim feeds their chicks extra bucks to get them to spill absolute bs, although I wouldn’t mind seeing scandalous photos of Amy surfing naked in the wee hours of the night. Come to think of it, I also wouldn’t mind rescuing Amy & giving her CPR after one of her nude surfing escapades gone wrong. Have mercy.

For those of you who aren’t in the click w/ this Amy Cobb chick, you should visit this message board & scroll all the way down. There, you’ll see flowery words written on this hottie. It’s either her ugly, younger sister, her backstabbing best friend (don’t you love them?) or possibly her ex-boyfriend who hates himself for being a bastard to Amy. For all you lazy people, I’ll paste below:

amy cobb is a dumb selfish bitch that thinks the world should revolve around her

she totally loves herself i hope she gets smashed in the surf -Angry Person