Pull On Pamela Anderson & Win!

I thought she was reading the Bible & being good?! So much for that…

Having your own slot machine is very hot right now! Don’t be shocked to see a line of Paris Hilton slots the next time you enter the Palms. Think about the bragging rights you could have w/ one of those babies!

Apart from being cool, a slot machine themed after oneself offers plenty of residual income. Drew Carey was on the Howard Stern show back in October, 2004 & talked about his own slot machine that was coming out.

Gary told Howard about the new slot machine Drew has coming out. Howard heard that those things are a big money maker. Gary told Howard how the Wheel of Fortune slots are huge and they’re so big now that they won’t sell them, they lease them out and the company, IGT, gets three percent of the revenue. Drew has his own machine now and he’ll be getting some money from that. He doesn’t get the 3 percent but he does get some money from it. Drew said there’s about a million a year to be made if he did something like that. [Marksfriggin']

The fact that Pam now has her own slot machine proves to the masses that her transition into has been status is nearly complete. She’s literally cashing in from every imaginable outlet, except maybe the hardcore porn industry—I’d give this another couple years.

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should be called the "slut" machine ;P