Christina Engaged! Official Over/Under

So yes, apart from the little award show last weekend, there was a marriage proposal that tried to sneak through the media.

Nice try, Christina & Jordan.

Although there are no photos, I’m sure the proposal brought a smile or at least, some sort of facial expression on Mr. Bratman’s pouty face. Apart from making fun of Star Jones, Kelly Osbourne & Paris Hilton, we’re also in the business of predicting the length of superficial marriages in the entertainment industry.

Over/Under Analysis
+2 – Years - Seeing as to how Mr. Bratman is a successful music exec I can see him putting up w/ the bullshit that probably comes with Christina.

+7 – Months – These two have a good history with no breakups or separations. They are apparently 2 years strong.

-8 – Months – Christina, as we all know, goes through phase changes—drastic ones, at times. With that in hand, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of her phase changes involves tossing Mr. Bratman out of her life as she transforms herself into another famous person from entertainment history.

-3 – Month – Her Marilyn Monroe phase is literally a ticking bomb, so only God knows when she’ll move on. Let’s hope that when Christina decides to move on to her next phase, Jordan Bratman’s part of it…

Official count: 18-Months

So there you have it. 18-months is the bet. My bet is under b/c 2 years is already a damn long time. They’ll be fed up of each other by Thanksgiving, 2006 (if they get married in the next 3 months).

If you can guess the exact number of months, there’s a free T-shirt in it for you.

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I hope it lasts