Book Excerpt: China, INC. By Ted Fishman

I’ve been reading this book for a couple weeks now & really diggin’ it. Since China is going to take over the world in a couple decades, I figured it’d be fun to learn a little about their economic & political progress. (Yes, I’m sad.)

Well, similar to any country with horny men, China has a huge sex industry. Even though Chinese out numbers the Japanese 10 to 1 (not really), the latter remain the horniest people in the world & (by far) the largest consumer of hot & helpless Chinese prosties.

The young women who become sex workers make at least three times what they might at a factory. And not just in karaoke bars. They sit in the windows of all-night beauty salons waiting for paid encounters, hustle movie tickets, and, like telemarketers, ring up hotel rooms on the off chance there is a willing customer. Phones left on the hook can ring all night. Big hotels are also big brothels. In October 2004, in Shenzhen’s sister city of Zhuhai, Chinese police raided two upscale hotels where officials claimed to have uncovered a three-day orgy made to order by local sex impresarios. The partyers were four hundred Japanese men, which in China made the arrest welcome, convenient, and politically loaded. The widespread loathing for the Japanese has a strong sexual component, with the Japanese conquest itself often likened to rape. The sexual cruelty of Japanese soldiers toward Chinese women, most famously in the Nanjing Massacre of 1937, is still a deeply felt wound. The recent arrests were a triumph for the national psyche, but locally they caused a practical difficulty. [Pg 98, China, INC.]

Damn them Japanese!

So yeah, if daddy-dearest is going to China on a biz trip a week or so & remains a bit more cheery than usual, now you know exactly why!


Oh, Melissa the chinese haven't built an urban water purification system in 30 years, they've extremetly low levels of scientific publication they're gong to have a very, very tough time making the "pebble bed" reactor operate profitably.

"China's going to take over the world:" With what Moe? 9% of their exports are sold to the Walton Family, and China has fewer billionaires than Nebraska(none of them with the clout of "Omaha's Oracle" Warren Buffett). The Chinese will spend the next century battling enternal conflicts of widening income/class gaps, environmental contaimination and political/civil dispute. Ted Fishman's book is a piece of crap; it's sole purpose is to scare you into reading it and recomending it to friends.

The chinese, either as coolies on Shangahi's bund or in New Jersey restaurants have always served the Jew.


China is coming up man. I read something a while back about them trying to go nuclear power. They are doing some crazy research out there, perfecting it. Its insane.