Bai Ling Has The Longest Nipple In The World

The layout is geared toward capturing the all important Chinese perv market. Way to go, Hef!!

As most of you pervs probably already know, Bai Ling recently did some work for Playboy & now her work can be found
scattered all over the net. If you’re here looking for the scandalous pics, shame on you.

We here at the Bastardly stay away from nudity only because we know there are many young, innocent Bethdamese kids who come to visit, but just like National Geographic & PBS, we gotta do it in the name of science. We put Bai Ling’s nipple under the bastardly microscope & were literally shocked, my friends. It’s like two really (really) thick strands of hair growing out of Bai Ling’s boobies. My god.

View our findings, but don’t blame us if you get fired.