Ass Sizes @ The Office

Our office potluck involved some measuring today…

1. Office Woman A – 17″ (The “healthy” one)
2. Office Woman B – 13″
3. Office Woman C – 15″
4. Office Woman D – 10″ (The “skinny” one)

Procedure: Take a 12″ ruler & hold it up against your ass. Ask another co-worker to help you.

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hhahaha. Daamn, what are we talkin' here? Don't tell me you have someone in the 20s!?!

That's what Ultimate cheese burgers & daily runs to the chinese joint will do, man....

all my bosses have had bypass surgery, so damn straight, baby!!


Dude, you need to tell 10" ass to trade lunches with 17" ass. Unfortunaltely where I work I would need to use a yard stick.