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Exclusive! Hillary Duff's New Album: H&D Sounds

How cute of her to use her initials as the title of her new album, but don’t be fooled Hillary fans!! The H & D really stands for Horse & Donkey—not Hilary & Duff. Since Ass sold millions of copies of her last CD, I’m pretty sure Hillary’s Horse & Donkey Sounds will win a Grammy or two.

Ok, since this joke is going nowhere, let’s look @ a few photos of Hillary performing one of the singles titled, Heeehaaaw.

Asslee Simpson: Singer, Songwriter, Actress, Burper & Whore

Ashlee Simpson flashed one of her favorite tricks on Jay Leno’s talk show
Tuesday night, when she burped on cue for him.
The singer, who made an appearance to promote her new movie “Undiscovered,”
was asked by Leno to clarify reports she could burp the whole alphabet.

She responded, “I can’t burp the alphabet, but I can burp. Would you like to
hear it? I can burp on cue.” [SF Gate]

How sad is that? Well, at least Ass’ real talent finally surfaced—it took long enough!

(Luckily) Ass was ‘unable’ to do one of famous ‘performances’ (rumor has it, she forgot to bring along a ripped CD of her new material to which she could sing along). So yeah, Ass was on Leno plugging her new movie (ya, suddenly she’s a fucking actress, in addition to being a singer & not to mention, one of her bastard father’s whores), but unfortunately the movie business is turning out to be a little tougher than lip syncing.

2005 VMAs: Coco Lee Goes Loco

Ok, I take it back. Paulina Rubio had the most scandelicious outfit of all attendees who came w/out a date, but Coco Lee & Ice-T were light years ahead for having the craziest outfits. They are an amazing duo, I tell you.

I can’t believe Ice-T dresses up like Coco Lee’s pimp & forgets the fucking cane. It’s a slap in the face to the Pimp Industry.

2005 VMAs: Paulina Rubio Raises Slutty Bar

Fucking P Diddy Biggy’s Murderer Puff Daddy Puffy brought into question whether MTV should even bother continuing with the VMA franchise.

On a more positive note, after checking out countless photos, I have to admit that Paulina Rubio, even though she’s borderline butta-face, was the highlight (in terms of attire).

I can’t wait until 2015 when half the attendees to various award shows come butt naked!! Ow!

Check out a few more pics of this sexy Latina.

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