Jessica Alba's Cash Warren Is A Lucky Bastard

God damn!! There aren’t better photos yet, but hopefully they’ll soon surface. Keep your eyes on this fansite for the latest juice.

Anyway, as you guys eat up these photos, keep in mind that it was recently learned that J. Alba suffered from an eating disorder when she was younger. Considering how she’s 23 at the moment, I’m gonna assume Jay was around 15 when she suffered from the disorder. So all you sexy mommas contemplating skipping a meal or two, take my word & go full force! You have a chance to look amazing, make tons of money & run around the beach w/ a guy named Cash. What else could you ask for?

While Cash is on our minds, I’m gonna have to say that the dude is by far one of the luckiest guys in Hollywood (while his temporary stint w/ J. Alba lasts, of course). Even after his relationship ends, he can live w/ the fact that he got a piece of Jessica Alba in her prime (son of a bitch). Since Jessica Alba has scandalously surfed peniseseses galore all around Hollywooood, I’m sure she’s a total freak in bed. Damn you Cash, damn you!