Mariah Carey & Mr. Donatella Versace

I know Mariah & Dons must be the best of friends, but it has to hit Donatella that Mariah is merely using her ass to look better in photos. As superficial as that sounds, there’s some truth in the statement, God damn it. I’d almost feel sad for Donatella, but since she has millions in the bank & probably gets to tame her sexual rage by having sex with countless 20-year old male models, I have a feeling that she doesn’t really give a shit if she looks like a dude or a tranny with a cheap wig, for that matter.

Below are two photos: First, there’s Mariah looking pretty hot & secondly, we have an Anti-Fur ad by the bastards @ PETA. What would the world do w/out our friends @ PETA?