Petra Nemcova: Single & Delicious. Any Takers?

The first anniversary of the S. Asian tsunami is slowly creeping up on millions of people all around the world. It will surely be a time of mourning in which a short supply of shoulders will serve as weak levies holding back an ocean of raging tears. So yes, be kind & lend your shoulder out to a stranger for a few minutes b/c you never know who this stranger could be…

Enter: Petra Nemcova. As you all know, she lost her beloved boyfriend, Simon Atlee, to the vicious tsunami & today she remains lost in a prolonged state of confusion as she comes to terms with the true meaning of her life. Naturally, many men have taken it upon themselves to lure the Czech beauty into their bedrooms over the last 10 months, but none have been successful (yet).

Here are the brave souls who tried to venture into deep labyrinths of Petra’s heart. Check it!