Mischa Barton & Cisco Adler Doin' The Beach Foreplay Thing

Cisco/XPac & Mischa en la playa

Previous participants include:

1. J. Alba – I give her credit for making this popular.
2. Paris Hilton & Stavros Niaksdalkjdkaljchos made out, humped & rode ATVs (while making out) on the beach. This quite possibly led to amazing sex in the ocean, as well as back in the hotel room. Damn them.

Ok, a couple words on this new dude that Mischa’s bangin’ these days. Actually that last statement should probably be the other way around b/c I’m 98% sure that Mr. Alder is in control of the relationship. Just a hunch.

Regardless of who’s in control, I gotta say, Cisco is indeed a very lucky bastard. Even though I’ve tagged Mischa as being wildly overrated, it doesn’t really mean a thing. The girl from neck down is very hot, so naturally when the lights are dimmed real low (or off, in this case), it’s game on, baby. Congrats to Cisco for networking his rockstar penis into Mischa’s life. Ow!