Petra Nemcova's Happy Hearts Fund & The National Press Club Luncheon

I don’t know if it was such a great idea naming this cute, little girl after something so horrible.

It’s not a job. It’s just my passion. [Petra Nemcova talking about Happy Hearts Fund, her new charity setup to help children in Thailand, ABC News]

Unfortunately, that’s all I have from her National Press Club luncheon held last Thursday. If anyone can get their hands on the transcript, please email it by us. So yeah, as I was saying, Petra was @ the luncheon pluggin’ her new book, as well as trying to get rich people to drop some cash into her fund’s piggy bank. The fund’s dough goes toward supporting kids in tsunami-ravaged Thailand.

On that note, on behalf of, we’ve donated $50 & you can donate to the fund through Give 2 Asia, as well. It’s a very simple process.

Alas, our $50 was a good $49,950 (rumored amount) less than what Manwhore Bruce Willis put down on the table (in order buy his way into Petra’s heart). For some odd reason, Mr. B. Manwhore has been trying to get into Petra’s panties as late.

Pals of Petra Nemcova said the “Die Hard” star tried to get in touch with her via various means last week — even having people call the office of Nemcova’s pal Diane Sawyer to try getting her number. Sawyer’s people sent them to Nemcova’s agency, Next Models, which declined to give Willis’ reps her number, but did take his for Nemcova. The model did not call, but finally surrendered her digits to Willis after he showed up at her Light of Heart benefit gala at Cipriani Downtown last Monday…[NY Post]

Is that bastardly or what? I gotta hand it to the old guy, he’s pretty damn smart & makes excellent investments, but @ the end of the day, he’s still a manwhore.

Ok, enough bullshiting. Here are few snaps of Petra droppin’ her addictive smile at various events ranging from last week’s NPC luncheon, to a recent trip to Thailand to check up on her fund’s investments & miscellaneous picas from book signings & charity shindigs (at which Petra astutely flirts with greasy, old men in an attempt to pry open their fat wallets). Enjoy.

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ha ha ha, you'll have to change it to "Two Bloody Comments"


damn, she is pretty!!

i am not really feeling the red lipstick though.

get your ugly dirty old man hands off of the lovely petra!!!