Socialite Horsie, Tori Spelling – High Potential For Digging Anal

Is he petting her ass or is there a deeper, slightly painful & possibly smelly secret that we don’t know about? Ok, that was a gross image…

For some odd reason, I have a feeling that money is being exchanged in Tori’s latest relationship w/ Dean McDermott. For those of you not in the click (myself included), Tori & Dean have saddled up & are riding into Tori’s 2nd wedding in only the last two years. Quite a record this girl is building…

Upon getting engaged last month, here’s what they spit out in an attempt to convince themselves that marriage is a smart move.

We’re so incredibly happy and in love. We cannot wait to start our lives together. [Joint Statement]

It was so magical. All the stars aligned. I have never been happier in my life. [Dean McDermott] [People Mag]

What do you mean “start our lives together?” I mean, is marriage really necessary in order to “start” your life with another person with whom you’re probably already sexing up? Any which way you look at it, Marriage only complicate life. Look @ Angie, God damn it!

As for Dean’s comments, I gotta give the guy props for getting his hands on such a goldmine. Daddy Spelling is around 120 years old, so pretty much any day now, the guy can float away to the brighter side & leave his kids with his millions. Dean McDermott is a fucking visionary. Lucky bastard.