Cherie Roberts – A Bastardly Interview

Which cities have the best clubs? Could you describe some crazy and wild with a touch of lesbian behavior partying experiences? You know us guys love the girl on girl fantasy!

Best clubs? Definitely LA or NY. I’d probably lean more towards LA. Lesbian partying experiences… Hmmm. I don’t party much with fellow “porn starsâ€?, so I don’t experience much of the lesbian thing, although when I did use to hang around with groups of models, there’d be drunken-group make-out-fondling sessions that I have been involved in on occasion. Usually I’d have to be pretty sauced up to do any of that though.

What’s the very first thing you notice on a guy when its lust at first sight? Be honest Cherie!!

The size of his… Wallet? Ha-ha… Kidding.

Hmmm… I size a guy up completely at first sight. Does he look clean? Is he a dork? How is his skin? I mean, I have a list of things that I look for… I will not date guys that have gross skin, or that look like they don’t have good hygiene. I also like a guy that has a little bit of style, but not so much style that he might cheat on me with a dude. Good teeth are important too. They need kept hair, and I kinda hate facial hair as well. Smell is important too.

What is the smoothest line ever used on you that actually caught your attention? Even if it was the corniest line ever, we want to know!

God, I don’t know. I’ll have to say none. I don’t usually meet guys randomly… Usually they’re introduced to me through friends, or a lot of times, I’ve met them on places like myspace or friendster, and even there I meet them because they are connected to friends. So I guess the most successful pickup line for me would be “I am a friend of so and so.â€?

Using your wisdom, what is the most important flirting skill?

Confidence. An ugly girl with confidence can go home with any guy that she wants. She won’t necessarily marry him or land him as a boyfriend, but she’ll definitely get laid. For guys, confidence and persistence can take you a long way. I think that majority of the guys that I’ve went out with only got to after bugging the crap out of me until I finally gave in.

What is the best way to seduce you?

Feed me! Ha-ha… I am a sucker for a good dinner date, and I am not the type of girl that will sleep with a guy right away anyway. It’ll take a good month before I’ll go to first or second base, so however many dates that would be…

Don’t be shy about this one, but what’s one thing that women offer in bed that men don’t?

Do you mean what they offer ME? Or what women offer men that men don’t offer women?

Either way, I guess that the one thing that women offer me in bed that men don’t would have to be… Having boobs? I don’t know, I am not big into chicks.

And for the other question, I think that women offer a stronger need to please. Men are happy with sex as long as they end up with a happy ending. I have had unselfish lovers, but even with them, if I told them that they would not get to “finish upâ€?, I don’t think they’d be as happy to be having sex with me.

To quote you from another interview, “Porn has ruined sex forever.� Seriously?!? Not saying that we all want Jenna Jameson-types but how about the Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct-type?….of course, minus the ice pick.

Ha-ha… Yeah, I think that porn has ruined sex in many ways. I think it has helped as well (kinda), but for the most part, it sucks. Men expect all women to perform like porn stars in bed and if you don’t, then you’re a boring lay. And the worst part about it is that most women know that men expect them to perform like porn stars, and if you’re the one girl who doesn’t, then all of a sudden you’re a prude or something!

I think all girls should secretly convene and stop letting guys get the “money shotâ€? in the face or taking it in the “other holeâ€?, and then the couple of girls that do it are the weird ones. Ha-ha. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like having nasty freaky sex with a boyfriend that I trust and know well. It’s when I have sex with a guy for the first time and he’s like, “lemme stick it up your arse,â€? that I kinda get annoyed. I don’t think that this guy just decided to say it to me out of no where. I think that he tried it with every other girl he’s had sex with, and chances are, he was successful or else I doubt he’d try it again.

[Okay…moving on now.]

Any secret special talents that we aren’t aware of?

Mmmmm… Nah. Wait, lemme think… Nah. Is taking it up the arse a special talent? (Joke people)