Elisha Cuthbert Is Supergirl (Or Is She?)

I think this is a fake, but it makes for interesting convo.

Let’s assume for a second that a remake of the original is in the works. For some reason, I don’t see this type of flick going anywhere (I’m talkin’ below Dare Devil levels here…). It definitely has more to do w/ qwerks in our wonderful society than anything else.

Then again, if Supergirl is totally exploited from a sexual standpoint, I can easily see many horndogs going to see it a couple times each. Unfortunately, the sexual exploitation of such a strong personality is contradictory in itself, but fortunately for Hollywood, that type of stuff is not such a high priority. It’s about the bucks, baby!! I’m totally willing to shell out my 12 bucks (medium popcorn included) to see a hot, NC-17 version of Supergirl over a lameass, PG-13 version of Superman.