AVN Adult Entertainment Expo In Vegas – A Bastardly Preview!


Gianna Lynn & Lexi Love drive the boys crazy.

As I write this Jackson’s probably rubbing up against some dirty pornstar trying to get her to sleep him. Actually, since he holds a press pass to the event, I’m sure he’s using that to his advantage…

[Jackson, with press pass taped to his forehead.]

Pornstar: Oh, I couldn’t help but notice that you’re a member of the press.

Jackson: Umm, yeah. And, aren’t you Jenna Haze?

Jenna Haze: Good guess. Since you’re in the press, how about we have sex & then you can do a nice story on me?

Jackson: Where you staying…?

And, the rest will be on the sex tape that we’ll link to once he gets back…

In the meantime, please check out a few photos from the pornographic festivities! It’s more than obvious that the Getty Images photographer (Ethan Miller) taking the snaps has no taste in pornstar beauty. I Pity the foo.