Brooke Burke Does Burger King

Brooke Burke may be a MILF, but you can’t deny the fact that she’s a dying franchise & literally on the edge of falling into Has-been Ocean. If she wasn’t a mommy, I would recommend going to the sex tape route in a desperate attempt to rejuvenate her career. And now, for a game…

The Bastardly Thought Process Game

My thought process when Brooke Burke comes into my mind goes something like this…

1. Start with: Boobs
2. Brooke running nude on the beach…
3. Funny nose
4. Wild On
5. Playboy layout
6. End with: When will Jessica Alba do Playboy?

See what I mean? She has very little going for.

On that note, let’s check out a few pics of Brooke w/ the Burger King dude.