Eva LongWhoria Looking Whorifically Hot! Looook Out!!

Eva showed up in her Mexican Call Girl get-up to an ABC party. Tony Parker was no where to be seen…

The question is not whether Eva’s still riding the Tony Parker Express, my friends. The real issue @ hand has more to do w/ who is currently obtaining Eva’s sexual services behind Tony’s back? I’m pretty sure as long as Tony’s getting his share of the booty, he doesn’t mind sharing w/ other brothas while he’s on the road. Let’s admit it, there are very few guys out there who wouldn’t quadruple bag their shit & take a dip into the famous Playa de Eva Longoria. Mmmm. Mmmm. MHMM!

  • evasawhore

    @Eva Rox if it walks like a whore and quacks like one, chances are: It’s a whore =)