Watch The 2006 Super Bowl Commercials!

Commercials during last year’s game were toned down amid the indecency debate. Consumers, in general, rejected the safe and sweet ads that appeared during last year’s big game. Ad executives said many marketers brought back their “A” game last night as ads seemed to be funnier. “I think a lot of the ads were good. Some were hilarious,” said Andrew Ault, a creative director at JWT.

The Cinderella story of the night was Ameriquest Mortgage Co., which kept its ad under wraps in the weeks leading up to the game — unlike many other advertisers who share their spots with the media to generate attention. But ad executives said Ameriquest’s tactic paid off. [WSJ]

The Ameriquest ads were hilarious, indeed. I especially loved the one on the airplane where the lady ended up accidentally straddling the dude in the isle seat on her way to the restroom. Classic.

* Read WSJ article & view all the commercials

* Of course, for those horny few, check out the banned Go-Daddy commercial in which some hot chick gives a dude & his car a nice wash. I don’t know what that has to do w/ selling domains, but that’s besides the point…