Chicks Are Drinking 33% More Than They Did In 1999!!!

On a recent Friday night in London, Alison Wildig hit several bars with a few girlfriends. She says she drank a bottle of red wine, two cocktails, a shot of vodka and a glass of Baileys Irish cream.

It was a typical night out, says the 26-year-old civil servant, who says many of her friends drink as heavily as she does. “That’s quite a lot. But normally I’m absolutely fine the next day,” she says. “It’s just what we do.” [Read more @]

Party on, baby!

There are many positives and negatives to all this…


1. Drunk chicks give it up easily
2. Drunk chicks show the boobies
3. Drunk chicks will make out w/ a dog
4. Drunk chicks will let guys suck on their boobs
5. Drunk chicks will pay for drinks
6. Drunk chicks beg for sex (different from giving it up easily, mind you)
7. There are so many more, but I’ll leave it for others to list…


1. Drunk chicks can potentially be super annoying
2. Drunk chicks create drama (most of the time) & (drama is annoying)
3. Drunk chicks talk too much (and that’s annoying)
4. Drunk chicks commit party fouls (mainly puking)
5. Drunk chicks need to be protected (especially from chumps looking to sleep w/ drunk chicks)
6. Drunk chicks need to be pampered (“oh you need another glass of water?,” “oh you need a ride home?,” “oh you need me to walk you to your door?”)

In all seriousness (not really), read the article as I found it to be very interesting. It also made me think about planning a trip to the scandalous streets of London!!!

The U.K., where a heavy-drinking culture is deeply ingrained, is seeing a different trend. According to government figures, only about 8% of Britons abstain completely from alcohol, compared with 45% of Americans. Alcohol consumption in the U.K. increased 5% from 1999 to 2004, even as consumption fell 6% in France and 8% in Germany, according to consumer research group Mintel. Per capita consumption in the U.S. edged up just 1% in the same period, according to Euromonitor. [WSJ]

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