How Much Do Your Favorite Celebrities Weigh?

…Ok, let me just work that [ass]!

I became more secure about myself.

So there you have it, my friends, Mariah became more secure about herself by using her ass to get what she wanted. You gotta love the honesty.

Even though this is another one of those posts where you don’t really give a shit about the topic @ hand, you know you’re still dying to know more. Don’t hold back, now…

  • brownsugar

    Well as for Jessica Alba thats not too skinny, but its pretty damn thin, but she still looks healthy. What do you people expect she’s in Hollywood with people all in her life 24/7. If she weighed anymore the enquire would say she was fat.

  • Sierra

    The moral of this overly long story is that EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT!!!
    Some people can be 5’1 and weigh next to nothing but be perfectly healthy. Someone else at the same height might weigh alot more but also be healthy. The are alot of things to take into account; bone structure, muscle mass, constitution, DNA lol.
    No one is the same. I weigh 8 stone (I don’t know what that is in pounds) which is fairly light. I am also 5’4. So about right for my height. Nevertheless I have a friend who is the same height (maybe even an inch or so taller) and she’s a good stone lighter than me. She has a much smaller frame, her hands are tiny compared to mine and I’m rather small myself. I also have another friend who is a little shorter than me but about two stone heavier, yet she is in no way fat. She has bigger breasts and a fuller ass but thats it. If she weighed as much as me she would get ill…
    The media ALWAYS lies about celebrity weights etc because they are largely funded by weight loss products etc so of course they are going to produce discourse that makes the reader believe that they NEED whatever shit is on sale on the next page. They read this article that makes out that celebrities are way thinner/fatter than them, suddenly decide that they must be over/under weight and rush out to buy an exercise tape or a wonder bra. The celebrity culture has done wonders for capitalism and consummerism.

  • ericaaa

    my ideal weight is 109?

    i weight 135 now – damn i have a long way to go.

  • xiara

    uhmm.. excuse me~! guys y’know.. i was likin mariah.. but wen she unleashed her bitchy character! i said ” TWO THUMBS DOWN” MARIAH IS FAT AND MARIAH IS UGLY! IM NOT A HATER! IM JUST TELLIN THE TRUTH!

  • ashanta

    I’m a size 4 at 145 pounds! And I’m only 5’6″.

  • Julia

    I am 5’4, 101 pounds, and 13 years old. I am SOOOO FAT!!! Aren’t I??? I am on a diet, and I eat 200-800 calories per day and it’s working. I want more than ANYTHING IN THE WORLD to be skinny! My goal is to get down to 90 pounds. THEN I would be thin. But 13 years old, 5’4, and 101 pounds? FAT!!!!!!!!

  • Joyce

    How can these people stand and walk and go through a day??

  • John Fit

    I’ll whip her into shape! I teach you to get lean, tight, and toned with low body fat! Come see me.. http://WWW.JohnFit.COM..
    I”m your online personal trainer!

    John Fit.. (Hoping Mariah Swings By..)

  • George Smith

    I’m 5’5 tall and weigh 119 pounds. It’s because of magazines like that and because of stars trying to be skinny all the time that young girls develop eating disorders. i also sometimes think that i could lose some pounds, because really, when i’m looking at jessica alba for exemple, i think that i’m fat. but then i know that it’s nonesense, since everybody tells me i’m skinny and i should be glad that i’m healthy and alive. that’s what counts.

  • Emma

    Im 5’2 and a half and 150lbs and in febuary i started a crazy diet and ate about 500 cals a day, walked for 8 miles and did 200 sit ups. i also started to make myself sick and it was awful my teeth started to rot and i had to get 6 HUGE fillings and it hurt like fuck! My parents found out about my vomiting and they were really upset which made me feel horriable. I did lose about 8lbs though and i still need to lose more but im not going to do what i used to because its not worth it.My ideal weight would be 117 lbs which would be perfect for my height. I think these celebs look great but they can afford to hire personal trainers so they would, and all you girls who weigh 105lbs dont lose anymore weight just be thankful for what you have, most would kill to be so thin!

  • BlueEyedAngel

    I can’t believe MC is soo tall also as for Alba, she doesn’t seem that tall more about 5’5 and about 115lbs normally.

  • Bluelolly

    Wow some of those celebrities are really skinny! how the hell do they do that?!?! Im 5’7 and 125lbs and i have to work hard to maintain my weight! As for all of those girls out there who are saying they are 100 – 90 lbs and complaining how fat they are, can you please shut up! You are only doing this for the attention… I think people really need to learn to be happy with what they got, instead of living through life feeling upset and always wishing they looked different.

  • Sir Percy of Scandia

    LMAO!!! look @ paris’ adjusted wt. picture on page 3. alba doesn’t look to bad.

  • damn right

    to julia:
    wtf!! what in the freakin world is wrong with you gosh!! you’re too freakin thin!!
    that’s wayyy too light!!!
    for you’re height, that’s already to little!
    start eating!!
    the least ANYONE is suppose to be eating is 1200.
    gosh, you’re gonna die one day from eating like that.
    im not trying to get you pissed or w/e.
    it’s the truth.

  • damn right

    oh emma:

    you do know that it’s really really wrong to do that..right?
    so how’s your diet now?

  • damn right

    to ericaa:

    you’re not fat, you dont need to lose that weight to get to your “ideal” weight.
    those ideal weights are only there for people who need to get to a weight goal. you seem fine (from heights and whatever)
    as long as you get some exercise into your daily schedule, and have a good balenced diet, you’re finee.

  • smartone

    Okay…im 5’5 and 130 pounds. im as healthy as can be and still considered skinny. for those of you that are like 5’4 and 90 pounds…you are either too thin or still little girls. Check out the charts. They tell you what the HEALTHY weight is for your height. it starts at 5 feet and weighing 105. add about 6 pounds for every inch after that. thats what you should weigh for your height. Girls…dont strive to be SKINNY or THIN. Strive to be HEALTHY!!!!

  • Brit

    Ok so im 5’0 and weigh about 122 or so
    is that bad..cuz all u other ppl that are weight taller then me
    weigh way less.
    oh and by the weigh im 18
    so let me know!!!

  • lll

    why are people in americaa soo fatt, those celebrities are perfectt.

    im 1.6o m and wight 100lb and im just perfect(im a teen age))

  • Amanda

    I’m 15, 5’4″, 97 pounds and naturally skinny. I eat and eat but I don’t gain weight!! I’m actually worried about being too skinny rather than too “fat”.

    (I think Tyra, Alba, and Mariah a have GORGEOUS bodies, they’re not fat, god)


    Hon, you’re the perfect weight in my eyes. Stop worrying about it; just be happy. šŸ™‚

  • Katelyn

    Don’t worry Amanda baby, you will grow and fill out a little more, I did. I was about the same size as you when I was 15.

  • Sassypants

    Just saw Amanda’s comment, Katelyn is right. I am the same height, 5’4, and when I hit about 20 my hips got wider and I am around 115 now. Of course not everyone is the same, but most people when they get older their bodies don’t handle food and exercise the same way as when younger.

  • Sassypants

    Celebrities put out their weight almost ALWAYS lower than it actually is. Either way, women are beautiful all kinds of shapes and sizes… I just think some need to learn to dress in a way flattering to their size. I also hate when women lie about their weight, but claim they don’t care what others say. In particular Jennifer Hewitt saying she’s size 2, and very proud of her body.

  • Loli

    Uhm… I hate these freggin so called weight scales.. they are almost NEVER accurate! First of all they don’t count your geneology/ bone mass and/or structure which is a HUGE part of how much you weigh…if you want to figure out how much you should weight GO TO YOUR FAMILY PHYSICIAN/ NUTRITIONIST because they know you best… NONE of these women are fat AT ALL… most of them are waaaay too skinny (in my opinion) and if I read or hear that Paris is a perfect weight again I’m going to scream. But then again who am I to judge how much she should weigh??? None of us reserve that right WHO CARES!!!… why does everybody strive to be “skinny” just be yourself and as one of the posters said.. dont try to be skinny try to be HEALTHY!!…

    damn I hate the media..
    and If you guys are thinking Im an overweight hater I am 5’1″ and 120lbs
    working out daily and eating healthy

  • zaret

    well im 5’1 and weight 97 lbs
    i have a weird body
    from my hipbones up i look too thin
    and my bra size is a 32b[hence small boobs]
    my bones pop out and all ribcage collarbone[not as bad but they’re very visible]

    but my bottom part
    i have soccer legs eventhough i;ve NEVER played a sport
    i wear a size 0/1 but look bigger than the usual ppl taht wear that size

    i dont really have hips but have big thighs and a big but

    i dont believe in starving anorexia or any of those things

    i just want to balance out my body
    how can i get my legs to be thinner and not any more muscular

    they’re not that bad its just i want them to be thin not toned

  • valery amanda

    hey everybody.. wanna know about your life or celebs life e-mail me for my number and a 100% accurate reading.

  • Barbie


  • curvyisabella

    my name is isaball, im 5’2 and weigh 155 overweight but i dont think i loook that bad because most of my weight is in my ass like mariah carey lol.but i still think i shuld slim much weight shuld i loose?

  • Pete

    that is rude to say to that girl. 128 pounds is healthy. leave her alone.

  • Linds

    i think celebrities arent healthy weights. when i was 11 i was 5’5 and was 115 i looked pretty discusting; now i am 5’6 125-130 i still can be considered thin but of course every now and then i feel crappy about myself. you cant judge by how much you feel its how you look and FEEL. also if you eat just 1000 calories a day like stars do you are only burning 1000 calories!!! so if you eat 2000-2500 a day which i usaully eat you are burning 2000-2500!!

  • KristinBartlett

    Wow compared to all of you I am fat! I am 5’4 and 170 pounds but I have a figure like Mariah too. I am big on top, have nice hips and big in the bottom. I could stand to firm up my stomach area for sure.