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Sexy Melissa Theuriau Video & Today’s Hottest Links!

God, I don’t understand a word of French, but I want this woman. Now!

Ok, if you watched the video, you probably have the urge to see naught photos of this bombshell. We don’t blame you.

Girls, I’m sorry, but we’ll try to get a hold of a Geraldo video for next Friday. Remember to bring extra pair of panties to work!

The Juicy Links!

* Tori Spelling was secretly in White Chicks. I knew it all along!
* Denise Richards Has Tommy Lee As A Matchmaker—I see a sex video in the near future! Pull through, Tommy!
* Jessica Simpson blonde jokes…the last & final stage of her fame.
* Sienna Drama Miller has new tattoo. Bitch needs to go away already.
* Jake Gyllenhaal is Rude
* Who’s the next Wonder Woman?
* Before she can truly comeback, Gillian Anderson needs to resolve her hair issues.
* Super Crackwhorebitch, Naomi Campell, wears fur & throws phones.
* Kimora Lee Simmons and Russell Simmons Over!
* Courtney Love’s true colors & showing! Murderer!!

More Melissa videos below!

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Tricia Helfer & Grace Park – just like Magnum & TC!!!

It’s always nice to see diversity promoted on The Bastardly. Stacy Keibler promotes diversity and so does the show Battlestar Galctica. Well, we know that Grace Park is a fine piece of Asian ass and Tricia Helfer is a hot whitey too.

This picture is reminiscent of such teamwork diversity that was promoted between the Thomas Magnum and Theodore “TC” Calvin…yeah, I’m old school like that…G’Yeah wha’chu know ’bout Magnum PI baby!

Noemie Lenoir – France & Madagascar coming together

Noemie’s dad is French and her mom is from Madagascar….frickin OW!!!! Now that is a one of a kind mix. Hmm….makes me wonder what other hot chicks out there are of an interesting ethnic mix.

Oh yeah, and gotta love the reverse cleavage teasing shot too…

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Piper Perabo Drinks Coke, has Bad Style & a Cold Sore.

Coke recently launched it’s new “Side Of Life” campaign & dropped tons of cash to invite any one who has ever done a movie.

Enter Piper Perabo.

Normally I find this chick super hot, sexy & underrated, but she fucked up w/ the cold sore & tights combo last night.

After carefully reviewing her situation, I think Piper & Keanu should hook up. Piper needs a deep network to help her get into movies (Keanu can help) & Keanu needs a warm home for his lonely, possibly gay, Mr. Anderson hiding between his legs. It’s a win-win situation, people!

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Stacy Keibler wants you to cheer for LSU too!!!

Yes folks, I actually have LSU going to the championship game in my bracket, however, I had them losing to UConn in the championship game…frickin George Mason. But yeah, as long as LSU goes to the championship game, I win my bracket…remember we’re broke here so we really need the money.

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Helen Wong: Would You Sleep W/ Her, Bai, Adge Or Ziyi?

If you were trapped in a room w/ Bai Ling, Adrienne Lau, and Zhang Ziyi, who would you rush for (assuming they’ll willing participants in kinky fobsex).

…and if you don’t choose one of these ladies, you’ll be locked up in a room w/ naked Star Jones & Gay Al Reynolds having sex (in order words, choose one of the chicks).

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Lucy Pinder & Michelle Marsh – stop frontin and just start making out like tATu!

You know, I’m not even too familiar with Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh but whatevers, I just think they look like they could be down for some tATu lesbian action; atleast from the looks of Michelle Marsh.

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