Stacy Keibler Will Always Dance With The Stars @ The Bastardly

There should be a special law that forces Stacy Keibler to always show her legs &/or 90% of her upper body when making any public appearances.

Even though she’s a more covered than usual in this particular set, I gotta admit, when you look @ Stacy Keibler, you’re forced to smile. The Petra Nemcova Syndrome is spreading, baby!!

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Bastardly Breaking News! Stacy Keibler Goes Walkin
Bastardly Breaking News! Stacy Keibler Goes Walkin

[...] Oh wow! Stacy Keibler doing something normal people like us do too! She goes walking!!! She’s looking a little sad today…is it because industry people really are shady? Maybe she feels like a fatty after eating a bunch of In-N-Out Burgers and not having any Dancing With The Stars practice. I guess this could be considered her “no make-up” pics too! [...]