Angelina Jolie: World’s Thinnest Pregnant Woman & Gossip Links!

Can some women who’ve gone through pregnancy please explain to me how this is possible. Does this only happen to the super hot & scandalous?!

In predictable fashion, here are today’s linkies. Whore it up, yo!

* Joke of the day: Adriana Lima is a vigin. Commence uncontrollable laughter…
* Fact: Beyonce is Bootylicious!
* D. Becks has a gay prostitute body double! Rock on!!!
* Is it bad/odd that I find Drew Barrymore cute?
* Once again: Adriana Lima’s a virgin…if you didn’t commence uncontrollable laughter the first time, please do so now.
* Vogue Magazine getting desperate. They have J. Aniston on the cover.