Angell Conwell’s Tasty Apple Bottoms Bring Today’s Links!

Everyone knows that Nelly’s a manwhore & it is through his extensive manwhoring experience that he gains his tremendous understanding of the female bod. I mean, the Apple Bottoms brand is the best thing to hit American society since the BET Network! Rock on, dude!!!

Apart from Nelly’s genius, Angell Conwell is an amazing piece of work herself. From any angle you analyze Angell, you’ll soon realize that this chick literally oozes w/ milk chocolaty sexiness & that is why we here @ the bastardly are pullin’ for her every step of the way!

Fact: Without Gossip Whores, there would be no Gossip Whoring. Are you a Gossip Whore?

* Britney survives needle piercing
* Britney’s pregnancy mystery still on people’s mind…
* Jessica Simpson’s downfall is in its final stages. Thank the Lord.
* Tori Spelling’s fiancé needs his head examined.
* Latest in Jolie-Pitt Drama. Jennifer Aniston’s doing crack?!! What?
* Fact: Petra Nemcova’s damn hot!! My God.
* The needle that pierced Britney was clean!!
* Once again, Tori’s Hubs is on crack! Is the sex THAT good?!!?
* Is Ryan Seacrest banging Teri Hatcher?
* South Park & Tom Cruise are not friends
* What is the definition of Beautiful Ugly?