Ann Turkel Is An Aging Butterface With Hard Boobs

God damn! What the hell is packed inside those boobs?! Sorry girls, but too much space between breasts is very unattractive & sometimes even scary. Then again, this lady is around 60-70 years old, so as long as she has her hand in some random Hollywood cookie jar, it’s all gooood, baby.

  • i think it freaking sad that we all comment on her as if shes a thing and not a person. Why do women do this crap? Why are they pressured by others and their own false perceptions to go under the knife and pretend to be 25 or 30, and end up looking comic and silly! By the way men like mickey rourke do this shit too. How about growing older GRACEFULLY please and that is Beautiful!!!!!!!! and stop the freaking hateful shit please, cause you all will have sagging boobs, scrotums and faces too someday IF you are freaking lucky to grow old.