Mandy Moore: Am I Into Anal Sex?

It was recently learned that Wilmer Valderrama did one of his conquests up the pooper, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to figure out the name of this kinky individual.

4 chicks were involved:

1. Mandy Moore (Damn you, Wilmer)
2. Lindsay Lohan (Damn you, Wilmer)
3. Jennifer Love Hewitt (Damn you, Wilmer)
4. Ashlee Simpson (Wilmer, you dumbass!)

Since attacking all four women @ the same time would understandably overwhelm the Horndogg Community, we’ll unravel the Anal Mystery one hottie @ a time.

First on the list is Mandy Moore. From the outside, Mandy appears to be the most innocent of the three, but as you all know very well, innocence can be a very misleading characteristic. Aside from the innocence factor, in order to successfully do the backside attack, there are two key elements:

1. Trust
2. And, kinkiness

A healthy combo of these two elements will have girls screaming for their lives in no time. In Mandy’s case, trust wasn’t really a factor since Wilmer was pretty much her first love & apparently took her virginity, but Mandy’s kinkiness , on the other hand, might have posed a problem for Wilmer’s anal conquests.

So what do you guys think? Was Mandy Moore Wilmer Valderrama’s anal subject?