Jessica Alba: Definitely Hot & Definitely On Ego Crack

I appreciate Mr. Hefner’s acknowledgment of the distress caused by Playboy’s actions, and I’m happy to put this unfortunate event behind me. This was never about money, it was about setting the record straight about something that was done without my knowledge or consent. [J. ALba In response To Hef’s Letter of Apology]

* Rather than taking the Playboy cover as a compliment, she took it as an insult.

* Rather than realizing her main role is to play the hot girl wearing very little clothes, she wants to do serious roles.

* Rather than thinking Members of the Horndogg Community wack off to her photos & movies, she thinks she’s a great actress who just happens to be super hot.

* Rather than dating a dude w/ super deep pockets, she’s with Cash Warren.

Get the picture?

J. Alba needs to take a second to reflect on her life & get her head out of her heavenly sexy ass. She also needs to kick Cash Warren to the curb and let other guys take a ride. There’s nothing worse than sleeping w/ a chick who “used to be” super hot!