Emma Watson – legal age is 18 in the UK too!

Look at lil’ Hermione showing some leg here….well, since I posted Hayden Panettiere today I figure I might as well show some more jailbait love to Emma Watson…and if anyone will refute the claim that the legal age in the UK is 18, here’s the convo earlier today discussing this topic:

Phillip McCracken – “EMMA IS OFFICALY NOT JAILBAIT the 16th!!!!…. WELL, in HER home country. i BELIEVE that 16 is legal in the UK? WELL she turns 16 on the 16th!!!!

I think we should have a Special bastardly day for Emma’s UK un-Jailbait Birthday….that is, if, in fact, 16 IS legal in UK. im pretty sure it is.”

senin – “I hate to burst your bubble, but age of majority in the U.K. is 18. Looks like you’ll be waiting another couple of years.”