Emma Watson – legal age is 18 in the UK too!

Look at lil’ Hermione showing some leg here….well, since I posted Hayden Panettiere today I figure I might as well show some more jailbait love to Emma Watson…and if anyone will refute the claim that the legal age in the UK is 18, here’s the convo earlier today discussing this topic:

Phillip McCracken – “EMMA IS OFFICALY NOT JAILBAIT the 16th!!!!…. WELL, in HER home country. i BELIEVE that 16 is legal in the UK? WELL she turns 16 on the 16th!!!!

I think we should have a Special bastardly day for Emma’s UK un-Jailbait Birthday….that is, if, in fact, 16 IS legal in UK. im pretty sure it is.”

senin – “I hate to burst your bubble, but age of majority in the U.K. is 18. Looks like you’ll be waiting another couple of years.”

  • the kid you will never know

    i think all you fucktards out there r screwed up in the head if u think Emma will date or have sex with u a retards. im the man Emma is looking for. Lol

  • the kid you will never know

    i just thought of something really funny. what if Emma was reading all these coments about what we were gunna do 2 her. that would be some funny shit

  • ravage

    i would eat the corn out of her shit just to see the hole it came out of. i would have sex with her for months nonstop. i wouldnt leave the bed.

  • ravage

    i would eat the corn out of her shit just to see the hole it came out of. i would have sex with her for months nonstop. i wouldnt leave the bed.

  • freddy

    the age of consent here in the UK is sixteen.

  • darth sponge bob my lady

    i love u i just want to have sex

  • Darth Spongebob(the real one)

    um tht guy aint me hes my frend tho i really do wana screw Emma SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUCKEN MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ne ways she soooooooo hot and i would do ne thinng jst to fuck her seriously anybody who aint queer or old would. HOLY FUCK I LOVE EMMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • uzi

    All of you need to back to school and take a fucking English class, because your spelling sucks ass

  • matthew kissinger

    see thare you go i like you darth apongebob i what to do the some thing to her

  • damn it

    damn i wish i could fuck her pussy

  • me

    Wow… Some of you people are fucked up… were your parents brother and sister?

  • me

    Oh and pillz that was fuckin awesome but I was looking for pictures of hayden panetiere but thats life I guess

  • wrong

    I’m pretty sure it’s 16 all over England. I’m also pretty sure that’s where she’s from. Sooo….

  • Adz

    Just thought I’d say this. Fine, go ahead and accuse me of having no life. If you do, it’s simply because you’re in denial. Miss Watson (it’s called common courtesy, which ironically is a rare deal in this age) may be an attractive young woman. I understand that. However, she does not need some horny nerds hawking her 24 hours a day, watching every little online news article (or “blog”, God Almighty…) about her and getting off every time she appears on the news wearing shorts. She is a person. I know it’s overstated in this topic but seriously, get a life. If you’re really sexually charged, go find a special bond with somebody and fulfil it. Just stop getting off at people over the internet. Have you ever seen a female other than your mother? Prepared responses: “Yeah, I see em on porn every 10 minutes” – I mean in real life, before you little rejected freaks start that one. “Yeah, I saw your momma’s sweet ass last night” – pathetic… simply pathetic. A typical prepubescent comeback from a typical retarded recluse. [State US laws at me]. I’m from the UK. Here, it is not legal to be a paedophile on the condition you don’t have sex with children. Also, just because something is allowed by law does not make it socially or personally acceptable. Think outside the box rather than spreading your hypocritical, meaningless shite all around the inside.
    Peace out, fuckin’ retards.

  • Guy Durnford

    I think Emma is hot and yes i would do her like most people on this god forsaken planet but hardally any of us have any hope of even getting near her most of the people here should just go and ask her if she’d do them and I may seem vain when I say I consider myself hansome enough to get of with her you are all from diffent backgrounds/homes/scenery but none of you are perverts you just vary in what you percieve as erotic emma may be the hottest female in the galaxy and so what if you want to stay in bed and never get out, have her deffecicate in your mouth or just do her normally she is just a normal young woman who happened to get lucky with her looks and ended up in one of the greatest movie serieses ever.

    P.S. Im 12 and even im dissgusted by some of the slanderous messages on this page.

  • Phil Jackson

    All of you are freaking pediphiles

  • jamie

    i have seen the pick of emma on scronk i love her pussy and i want to fuck her ass hard!!Also i toss off over this pic

  • dick head

    i like the pic of emma on the scronk web site and i am about the age as her.i would love 2 do her ass and lick her out.i look at the pic on scronk every morning and cum over her

  • getting things straight

    Never commented before but legal uk age is 16 bastard

  • Guy Durnford

    er dickhead you do know that picture is fake right?

  • d

    The legal age to have sex in the Uk is 16, but to be in pornography you have to be 18.