Jessica Alba vs. Eva Longoria – The Bastardly Ass Off! Ow!

Jackson recently did a matchup between two women & the excessively huge asses. When you look @ that post, you either get turned on or you puke all over your keyboard. There is no middle ground.

Today, we’re gonna cater to those of you who don’t have a huge ass fetish. Yes my friends, this match is between two women w/ conservative size asses. Of course, I’m talking about J. Alba & E. Longoria.

I’m sure both women know how to use their asses since one was previously a Hollywood whore (J. Alba) and another is currently in her whoring prime (E. Longwhoria).

Ding-Ding-Ding-Ding! Let the Ass Off begin!!!

  • dickspitz

    LongWHORIA can mop up my splooge with her tongue after Jessica’s done shitting it out of her luscious asshole

  • dickspitz

    I mean, seriously, look at those greased up, shiny hiney cheeks! I wanna manhandle that ass, spanking her ’til her cheeks are rosy red, spit lube her shitter with a tongue fucking and commit an absolutely over the top act of filthy, ass wrecking lust upon Jessica’s justifiably prized poopchute! Over and over and over….! Eva had no chance in this Ass off. someone mentioned Stacy Keibler, and i say either Stacy or another actress named Jessica, Miss Beil, would or definitely should, provide better competition with they’re shapely backsides. I’d take a LONG ride down the Hershe Highway with those 2 as well! For Ass Off competitions, medium ass against medium, large against large,small vs. small.

  • Jessy

    Jessica Alba has a perfect little booty đŸ™‚

  • Boz

    LOL @ Neigborhood bicycle.

    PS. Alba wins!

  • spangly

    Good call!

  • despo

    i want to lick jessica’s asshole…. hell, i’ll even let her pee in my mouth and may be … (if she asks nicely)… even shit right into my mouth…… i would be honored to receive Jessica Alba’s shit