He looks good though. AND DONT CALL ME A UNCERTIFIED BASTARD.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Dark thrills

    OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!WHO IS HE????MARILYN MANSON???HE CANNOT BE HIM!!Marilyn Manson is….is…..is a shock rocker!!he ALWAYS put make up on!!!………………mh…however here he looks like so nice without makeup!!ihihih^^………Dita in this photo is the sexy version of my mum!!I wonder me:why doesn’t she dress her normal AT LEAST ONCE???….. oh well, she is and remains a floozy however she dress her….Manson here you are too much but too much nice!!!and you real look like the younger version of Nicolas Cage!!!WOW!!!!….

  • Dark thrills

    Calm,i’m not horny (even if I seem it XDXD)…….i have a good english pronunciation to be Italian, true?eheh all worth of my father of the rest!!:)

  • beckyyyy

    uh, that is no big shock there.
    do people really think that he wears mkeup all the time?
    he is a normal person, contrary to popular belief.
    and you know what?
    i bet he goes grocery shopping too.
    grow up.
    he has a life.

    and i think he’s gorgeous either way.

  • jedd

    who is this marilyn’s girl in the picture??

  • emily

    i think he looks hot with and w/o makeup
    but w/e thats just me

  • fluff

    holy shyt!!!!!!! i like him betr wid makeup. he looks…normal.THAS NOT GOOD! GET UR MAKEUP BACK ON MARILYN!!!!!!no normal, bad ^-‘_’-^

  • flocker

    he looks good. and he never had boobs i heard it was just a body suit.

  • not-a-blind-gurl

    With makeup, he’s hot. without makeup, he’s still hot! No matter what, there’s just something very sexy about him…

  • jdkajkd

    no wonder he lays on the makeup pretty thick without it he looks like a dork LOL !

  • z1pfL

    looks like a normal goog looking guy!

  • Boz

    Holy fuck…
    Mother of Mercy.

  • KATI

    I love all his looks.
    I love him.


  • DYLL

    ok, what’s the big deal?

    it’s just manson without make up… so?

    the guy has a life, and not always will be painted or eating little kids, hes a normal guy like us, but with a different job…

    when the picture was taken, he just was living his life with his woman, maybe they were eating some sandwiches and having some quiet time…

    como on guys, hes a normal guy (but once he was a real headache to america hahaha!)

  • jelomulawin

    You know, he really looks better without make-up…And I don’t know about you but I was thrilled seeing this photo of Dita: http://i13.tinypic.com/2hghdti.png

  • Hannelore

    Marilyn will always be beautiful,no matter what haters say.so fuck off.

  • MOrgan

    He’s fucking hot. I love a man who hates a god

  • Aisha P

    She looks great sans makeup. Marilyn Manson however looks more like that guy from The Wonder Years than ever without makeup, but in a good way.

  • kiki.mmm

    i love you your so fucking hot, kikiiiiiiii!



  • [C]haos;

    with or without makeup, he looks damn good

  • Carmen

    Anyone ever think that maybe, just maybe, when he doesn’t want to have pictures taken, and doesn’t want to be that anti-Christ super star, he just doesn’t dress the part? He is a person, and sometime people like to be in their own skin, and lots of time people like to be in the skin of people better then themselves, skins they create.

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  • SharonBeesley