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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest is Coming!! Owww!

Victoria Beckham Walks Her Bra
Elizabeth Hurley is the Queen of All MILFs
Jim and Jenny – No More Hiding

Use My Computer shows off Halle Berry & Boobies
Jessica Biel is Back on the Market
Lindsay Lohan and Hayden Christensen?
Kylie Minogue Comes Out

Tom Cruise’s couch jump immortalized
Matt Dillon and Nicole Richie?
Ana Beatriz Barros Gallery
Woody Harrelson Will Choke Yo Ass

Cameron Diaz Licking Christina Applegate
Paris Turns It Up
Kate Moss Writes a Poem
Tuna…Kim Smith style.

Tennis Uglies @ 2006 Wimbledon

My sincere apologies for following up Jackson’s World Cup Babes post w/ these Wimbledon Uglies. In an attempt to compensate for the ugliness in this post, please check out our extensive collection of 2006 World Cup posts compiled by Jackson.

Boys & Lesbians:
Can’t Get Enough 2006 World Cup Babes!
Even More Bastardly Girls of the 2006 World Cup
Bastardly Flashback: 2002 World Cup Bastardly Girls!
Bastardly Wives & Girlfriends of the World Cup 2006
More Bastardly Girls of the 2006 World Cup!!!
The Bastardly Girls of the 2006 World Cup! OW!!

Girls & Gays:
For The Ladies: Cristiano Ronaldo
For The Ladies: David Beckham
For The Ladies: More Soccer Dudes / Footballers

Bastardly Lady of the Day – Mandy Keller aka Suicide-Stock

Jasiminne writes:

I think this girl, Mandy Keller aka Suicide-Stock is seriously the MOST beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. It’d be a waste if you didnt feature her because I think her natural beauty easily trumps any woman on this site. I’m a girl and even I’m spellbound by her magnetic knockout quality. She is 18, American with Bulgarian blood.

I’ll let the photos I sent do the talking , u be the judge.

Her photos are at

*If you too would like to be considered to be a Bastardly Lady of the Day feel free to send hot pictures to Please note that you will be subject to the gauntlet of our loyal readers and we won’t be so nice as to actually “take down” pictures. Cheers!

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