Rachel Perry: Yay! for Hot Canadians!

I haven’t seen Rachel Perry on any VH1 shows recently except for when she does the narration for all those shows. Damnitt, I wanna see more Rachel Perry! While you ponder the thought, check out the rest of the happenings in The Bastardly Gossip Network!

Also, I know that picture above is ridiculous but I think she looks really cute *aaaawwwhhh! More non-recent pictures of her to follow…

Diddy vs. Jessica Simpson! Let’s get it on!!!
Lindsay Lohan is a coke machine…yes, you read that right.
Nick & Jessica – countdown to divorce

Dane -Cook’s Tourgasm on Myspace! (Shameless Plug!)

Celebrities love their weed!!!
Lindsay Lohan can’t sit still
Janet Jackson: Worst. Breasts. Ever.
Luke Perry in Windfall…now that’s a winner!

Sean Preston Trademark!?!?!?
Brad Pitt just murdered 100 kittens!
Britney’s hot “manny” is really her new security guard

Kate Moss and the White Lines….er, I mean, White Stripes video.
Oh yeah baby! Right Said Fred!!!
You think Cindy Crawford would like me to her boob?
Vocabulous: Peroxide Clones

It’s official, Scarlett Johansson has the best rack in the world
Emmanuelle Chriqui is not a wookie…and I’d lick her hairy arms.
New flavor of tuna on the market!…Tina O’Brien!