Jessica Simpson flaunts her boobies for Maxim

…and Joe Simpson continues to whore-out his money making machine.

Carmen Electra’s down on her boobs???
Jessica Alba and Eva Longoria topless…commence wanking.
New Janet Jackson being released Monday, June 19th!…and she’s not fat!

Victoria Silvstedt is lucky
Jessica Simpson got some work done?
Lindsay Lohan: Too Young to Drink but Not Too Young For Bruce Willis
Jennifer Aniston has a sense of humor
Have Brangelina at your next party
If Jay-Z doesn’t drink Cristal, then I don’t anymore either…like I ever really started

Let’s take a look at Josie Maran
All Over Laura Bush!
Now that Brandon’s in on the Joke, It’s Over

Victoria Beckham – Fairy Godmother???
I still don’t understand how Carmen Electra could be down on her boobs?!?!?