Did Colin Farrell Sex Up Gong Li During Miami Vice Filming?

After reading the transcript & watching the video, I’m fairly convinced Colin dropped the Western Sperm Bomb inside Gong Li. I mean, Colin is Irish, for God’s sake & probably gets drunk at least 2-3 times on a given week. If you take that into consideration, Gong Li, more or less, went out to the Miami Beach bars on at least a few of those drunken occasions.

And, as you all probably already know, Conservative Asian chicks + (very little) Alcohol = (Annoyingly) Giddy, horny Asian chick looking to desperately explode out of her conservative shell.

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  • sundayrose777

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    • GrgeCdnBastard

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  • sundayrose777

    @uoyllik Well…..Colin Farrell is a great person. I totally disagree with you.The press always earn their living by selling stories about them. Without the celebrities the press is nothing. There are some awful journalists as well. Some of them always think about making money rather than being truly passionate about work.Why will I consider him to be a bed person? Did he murder, rape, sexually abuse anyone? His life-style in past was self-destructive and self-injurious. It did no harm to anyone but he was putting an end to his life. Now he has been sober for seven years. I think he is a great inspiration to all of those who are battling with the deadly habit. I have known people who have been in and out of rehab in their entire life. It is not an easy thing to do.The way he talks, it is pretty obvious that he is the most generous, kindest, down to earth, fairly gentle, honest, genuine, intelligent, and a man with free spirit and a great sense of humour. He is a beautiful soul